Sunday, August 24, 2008

Image Appraisal

I've heard of people managing their "personal brand" whether it's maintaining the way they dress, or carry themselves. Honestly, I think these people may take themselves a little to seriously but it probably doesn't hurt.
A persons looks can really hinder them for example, they might come across as rigid, frumpy, or immature. So how do we control this? How do we really know what others think of us? Our friends and family usually are biased and/or they don't want to hurt our feelings so they aren't really much help. Well fear not, a new website that is sure to become international (right now it's only available in German) has come up with a way for others to assess you. Don't be worried, your "score" won't be posted like with those rating games found on MySpace, you log in and see what others think based on a question you ask them. For example, one question may be "Do you think I look snobby?"
Now this service isn't free but it may pay off in the long run, especially if you are in sales or other occupations where first impressions mean everything. You can check out the website at

Via Springwise
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